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the place to discuss and review less-than-stellar books

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Name:Lame Reads
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Community description:a place to discuss and review less-than-stellar books and tropes

Archived due to inactivity and disinterest. If you're interested in taking over, PM [personal profile] vox_mortem

This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force. - Dorothy Parker

Welcome to [community profile] lamereads, a place to talk about bad books, cliches, lifeless plots, and characters that you wish would have jumped off a building.

- The introductory post is here. Comment there if you're new. No need to make a separate entry.
- No need to tag your entries. A mod will take care of that.
- Put entries longer than 3 paragraphs under a cut.
- If your entry contains adult concepts, warn for it and put it under a cut as well. No outright pornography is permitted.
- Be constructive. Don't just say "This book sucked donkey balls." Explain why it did.
- Author discussion is limited to their writing and their writing only.
- Compare only when it's relevant, e.g. "I don't like how this Book A handled X theme. Book B did it much better because..." That means no "100 reasonz y mah fav buk iz bettah dan The Bible" lists.
- Fandom antics are not relevant to our interests.
- Don't be an asshat. If you disagree with someone, state your case politely.

- Rate the book on a 5 star scale. If it's a 1 or a 2, it belongs here.
- Judge the story, not the content. Just because you may not like the idea of teenagers drinking and swearing, or that a sex scene was too raunchy does not automatically make a book bad.
- This community isn't just for book reviews. Discussions of literary pet peeves are welcome.

Send any questions or concerns you have to [personal profile] vox_mortem.

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